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Bridging business and talent in a fast-paced world.

Prepare your business for change with cutting-edge services that answer current business challenges.

We answer current Business problems with cutting-edge services. 

As our world becomes increasingly computerized, business processes and conclusions are experiencing more disruptions.

It’s compelling us all to work more precisely and communicate long-standing silos. So, it really is a great time to work in the IT industry.

At NexStep IT Solutions, we’re thrilled to see our world of technology peak as we enter a time of accelerated devices, smarter cities, and advanced industries.

While technology continues to drive constant change, it’s important to work with competent people in all the right ways. So, let’s work together and see how we can build bridges in this complex world.

What We Offer:

With the high demand of IT talent, choose a vendor partner who can help you build successful teams.

Technology continues to revolutionize every emerging industry. To surpass these changes and outperform the competition, you need the right people with agility and expertise. So, wouldn’t it be incredible to have access to a global network of the world’s most competent people, with specialized IT skills? 

Partnering with us instantly allows you to rapidly bring experts or multi-disciplined teams into your business remotely. Additionally, you can rely on us to manage entire services on your behalf or deliver your products and services end-to-end at our sites that specialize in outsourcing.

See, we believe that having the agility and expertise to outpace technology comes down to one very simple solution – competent people and working as a team in all the right ways. Therefore, let us guide you to build the right connections.

You’re probably already aware of how difficult it is to find top IT specialists today. But, just in case, consider this scenario:

Let’s say you have a specific role to fill on your team – it could be for just a few days, or something more permanent. So, you write up a job posting and put it out there. Seems easy enough, right? Until you start getting flooded with resumes and applications, most of which are not qualified. And, when you finally make it to the interview phase, you start to find out that even those select few aren’t quite the right fit, either. Now, how long have you been trying to fill that role?

IT talent is hard to find in this competitive job market. So you need to hire smarter. Partner with us and access our network of various pre-qualified candidates. From contract to permanent to contract-to-hire, we can connect you with the specialists you need for your specific roles. And, with our global scale and scope, we can source the smartest IT talent where and when you need it.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to assist you in driving actual business outcomes in this digitally-tech world. We partner with you to lower your costs by taking care of your
overheads, your payroll health benefits, and your liability insurance.

As a Canadian company we staff IT Consultants for your projects either short or long term bases with no extra cost. We provide you qualified resumes for your review that are available immediately to work remotely or on site.

By working alongside your business at every step, we can understand your challenges firsthand. Our core values emphasize getting this right in every partnership, striving for:

  • Efficiency and quality
  • Flexibility and transparency
  • Compliance and risk transfer
  • Business continuity and sustainability
  • Partnership and retention